The Bridgmans

The Bridgman missionary family.
Hello! We are Paul and Violette Bridgman, missionaries to Japan (TEAM: The Evangelical Alliance Mission). We have been serving at Sanyo since 1994. Our goal is to build up this church so that they can call a Japanese pastor. Then we plan to start new church-plants in needy areas of the city. We have an outreach to our neighbors through English conversation, cultural, and cooking classes. Our boys, having gone to Japanese school, speak the language fluently. If you are interested in our work or possible ministry opportunities in Japan, check out TEAM Japan and please contact us at:
Postal Address:
7-23-5 Sakuragaoka Nishi
Akaiwa Shi, Okayama,Japan 709-0802

Personal prayer requests:

Pray that we will remember Philippians 4:19 as we trust God for all of our needs.
Financial update: We are in need of about $500/mo more.
We are planning our home assignment to be from July 2009 to July 2010.

For the boys' education: Pray that Kevin will have a good experience in the Marines
Pray for Jeffrey as he studies at college in Arkansas at Arkansas Tech University
Pray that both of them will grow spiritually and seek what God has for their futures.
Pray for the health of our parents.